Before you get started, were you aware that …

“Within 24 Hours of Attending a Seminar … You Will Have Forgotten 38% of What You Heard?”


Just watch this short Video for a clearer understanding of exactly what your options from here.


I AM READY to accelerate my Learning and Retention rate — by upgrading to the Home Study Course, PLUS enjoy all the extra Bonuses, in order to fast-track my Investment plans. ..

Here are the items I will NOW receive …

  • The online series of Modules over 4 months (Value: $1,897) This Home Study Course will detail the entire 9-Step Investment Formula… as part of the fascinating story about Sue, Tobi & Frank’s Workshop experience.It also contains audio narrations, along with all the Video Tutorials; plus detailed Notes and prompts — together with a series of Quizzes, for me to check on my progress throughout the course.
  • Bonus #1 (Value: $1,148) FOUR months Free Access to the Investor LAB, where I will be able to use … the Purchasing Power Wizard; the High-Speed Filter; the Final Judgement Software; plus a whole host of other Investor Tools.
  • Bonus #2 (Value: $348) FOUR months Free Access to the online Investor Q&A Sessions … to supplement what I’ll be learning in the various Video Tutorial.
  • Bonus #3 (Value: $97) All about Private Syndicates … revealing everything I need to know about how to structure a successful Private Syndicate.
  • Bonus #4 (Value: $67) A further Video to help me in understanding Cycles & Trends.
  • Bonus #5 (Value: $1,500+) A copy of Chris Lang’s personal Swipe Files … containing pro-forma Purchase Proposal, Due Diligence scope of works, the key Essential Services lease clause and so on.
  • Bonus #6 (Value: $67) A vital eBook all about “Making Depreciation Work for You”.
  • Bonus #7 (Value: Priceless) A Classic by Wallace D Wattles: “The Science of Getting Rich”.
  • Again, I will also have access to Chris as my Personal Mentor via email, Skype or his mobile phone — provided the quota has not yet been filled.

All up, this package is now worth …
well over $5,000

However, as long as I decide today … this will simply require a further three payments of only $157 per month … on top of my original investment of $497 — to access just the Tutorials, by themselves!

So at this point, I need really to choose whether I would like to make a start straight away, and …

Accelerate my Learning

OR …
Just the Video Tutorials


Either way, it’s OK with me. And I am certainly looking forward to having you on board, as part of my Investor Team.

All the very best …


PS: With this Home Study Course … you are still protected by the very same 365-day Guarantee — just as you are for the Video Tutorials.

PLUS, you’ll be receiving all that extra Bonus material … now valued at more than $5,000.

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